Monday, February 27, 2023

Oh, all the things I did!

I did all the things for myself today. 

There's really no reason why I shouldn't get my hair trimmed during a teaching week, but somehow I always wait for midterm break to do it. So I got that done today. Also, I got my eyebrow piercing replaced (went from the mandatory-introductory barbell to a simple and unobtrusive silver ring). I cleaned the lime-scaled glass panes in the tea garden and puttered around my plants, worked out for more than 15 minutes for once, took a long, indulgent bath, read without watching the clock... It was all glorious.

And I tidied up my jewelry drawer and rearranged all my rings. I always think I want to be the bohemian 'ring lady' with long, witchy hair; but in reality I only wear one at a time. I do like looking at them though.

I'll have to finish up grading and all that in a few hours, but it was so nice to be so expansive in taking care of myself today. 

Pic: My ring collection (and some random lint).


Nicole said...

Wow, what a wonderful day of self-care! I love days like that, when you can just putter around and put things to rights. Also, your ring collection is gorgeous. All those fabulous designs!

GIllian said...

Nice day.

Sarah said...

Perfect day and lovely picture. I also feel strange doing self care during the week BUT WHY NOT?! I do plenty of work stuff during nonwork time

NGS said...

I always feel like it's a bit of a life hack when I do appointments in the middle of the day. I also spend time on the drive wondering who all these other people are who are driving around in the middle of the day like me. Ha. Good on you for treating yourself to a nice day of checking things off the list!

maya said...
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maya said...

Thanks, friends! I'm blissed out.
Nicole--The mudra rings has started to remind me of you!
Sarah--you're absolutely right--it's such misplaced guilt.
NGS--I feel that way about midweek brunches too :).

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