Sunday, February 26, 2023

find out

Now I dream myself as a tree
my desire amnesiac as winter
yet free as a wind in my veins 
breath now a blur of whispers
shadows revisit, quilt surprises
to deposit at my own bare feet 

The sermon today (and all February) at UU was about love. But sadly, I spent at least ten minutes fuming in an unlovely, unloving way because I heard the person sitting behind us say to my 15-year-old Nu (masked and dressed in all-black and a hoodie, as always) that if they had shown up like this three years ago, people would be calling the police and they might have been arrested. I think this person was trying to be funny, but it was a weird thing to say to teenager who was there with their very brown mother. I turned around at the end of the service to offer my perspective with "love and respect," but then realized that the person who'd said that to Nu was very old and very stooped and probably a first-time visitor (no name badge, just the "My name is" sticker) so I ended up not saying anything. 

But WTF.

Anytime people mention hoodies as an indication of menace or wrongdoing, it reminds me of what a big deal people made of it when Trayvon Martin was hunted and murdered. And Twitter just reminded me that today is the 11th anniversary of his death. Now I'm mad all over again.

Pic: Baker Woods in the afternoon sunshine.


Nicole said...

I cannot believe anyone would say that in any setting, but particularly a loving, religious one. What a terrible thing to say.
Eleven years. What a tragedy.

StephLove said...

That is an awful thing to hear said to your kid (or any kid). Did Nu shrug it off or were they upset?

Sarah said...

WTF indeed. A very loving response by you, though.

NGS said...

Oh, no! A young person was in church and someone had the nerve to criticize? I'd fume, too. I appreciate that you held yourself back from saying something - I'm not sure I'd be able to stop myself. (Maybe I need to listen to that sermon.)

maya said...

Thank you for your shared outrage, friends. 💗
I suspect I was mad because of the Trayvon thing even before I knew the date... I have a literal list with George Zimmerman's name at the top.

StephLove, Nu is usually fairly assertive but I think this may have taken them by surprise.

Sarah, Thank you; I tried.

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