Sunday, October 01, 2023

the weekend's odds and ends

In all, a quiet and gentle end to the weekend. 
  • We didn't go to the neighborhood potluck, but I did go to the opening of RR's new wellness place to support them; 
  • Nu didn't go to homecoming, but hung out with friends who were prepping for homecoming all afternoon; 
  • a rambling discussion over tea at At's place in which I discovered that Machiavelli had republican tendencies and that Gramsci thought that the audience for The Prince was the working class because rulers had surely already used most of those Machiavellian moves (!); 
  • and at long last, a lovely reunion and garrulous conversation with L who showed up around tea time, and I sat at her feet (literally--as I couldn't bear to be too far from her) and caught her up to everything that's been going on.
In other news: 
  • How is it already October? 
  • [Insert a rant about the American healthcare system here] Big A's new health insurance coverage hasn't YET kicked in. 
  • I finished The Fraud and loved it. It gave me White Teeth vibes in its reliance on cross-cultural solidarity and the way the title can be positioned to reflect on several aspects of the narrative. Lovely. 
  • I think the new Ann Patchett Tom Lake is next. 
Pic: I love the way the kids placed the flower in the palm of the baby Ganesha they gave me one Mothers' Day. It looks like he is holding it out to me...


Gillian said...

Nice picture. Post house pictures.

NGS said...

LOL forever at didn't go to Homecoming, but hung out while people prepared to. I love it. I mean, it's so LOUD. I completely understand why they'd want to stay home!

Nicole said...

What a lovely sounding weekend!
ARRRRGHHHHHHH on the health insurance. I have said it before many times, and I'm sure I will say it again many times, but the American system is so insanely fucked up. Like, how can this even be a thing? It is appalling, and this is coming from a Canadian who is used to wait lists and who won't be able to get a PCP for a long while. (so, our system is not perfect but at least we don't have billing to deal with).
Love the tiny Ganesha!

StephLove said...

It's important to know what to skip sometimes, when doing it all seems like too much.

maya said...

Gillian--Good idea! I will, thanks!
NGS--I'm so grateful they feel like being social again...
Nicole--thank you, friend.
StephLove--Ha! I needed this skill today!

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