Friday, June 28, 2024

arc of return

we're warm enough already
(in the midst of a heatwave)
this discomfort of embrace

if by night you were a city
dawn finds you drawn tight
more neon than moonlight

with this morning on your mind
you check your trust, our tracks
and you look back you look back

Pic: TWO four-leaved clovers I found on a walk with Max and Huck. Here's to good luck!


Gillian said...

GOod luck

StephLove said...

Wow. Two.

Someone I know found a five-leaf clover once. I'm not sure what kind of luck that is. (It wasn't you, was it?)

maya said...


Steph--WOW! I would assume more good luck with five...
That wasn't me, but I did find four four-leaved ones last year.

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