Tuesday, June 18, 2024

an adult marriage

Somehow, it has been 18 years since we were married! Our marriage is officially an adult now. On some days it feels like it has been 40 years and perhaps just 5-6 years at other times? 

IDK. Math is tough for me.

(I usually don't specify how long we've been married because we have a 25-year-old, and I don't want to get into the inevitable mathy-judgy questions about that. But essentially, IDC.)

The morning was deadline-fueled editing, the afternoon was interviews with candidates for a faculty position. But I took a couple of hours off for a drive and dinner with Big A, reminiscing about our top favorite things about the last 18 years. 

Pic: Wedding afternoon. My tiara is off, A's coat buttons are undone. We're in my MIL's house in Ohio. I have a photo like this on the nightstand, and it always makes me laugh because the kids once said it looks like I went and married a teenager. 


Nicole said...

Oh, happy anniversary to you!!!
People do still judge about weird things, don't they? Bah to them, I say!
I love that photo, you haven't aged at all since then!

StephLove said...

Happy anniversary. Beth and I had an 11 year old and a 6 year old when we got married (legally).

Gillian said...


Nance said...

Happy, happy anniversary to you. May there be many more and much joy in between.

I love going for a drive! I often say that I'm like a big dog in that way. Just put me in a car and hit the road. I won't stick my head out the window, but I do so love to ride around and look at things. It's relaxing yet adventurous, and it's sometimes inspiring.

NGS said...

Happy anniversary!! Make sure your marriage registers to vote! ;)

I know exactly what you mean about it seeming like a short time and a long time all in one. Life is weird like that.

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! I think people have pretty much gotten over the judgy-ness about things like that. At least I doubt any of your blog readers will think twice about it.
My husband and I have been married 24 years now, which is SO LONG. But like you said- in some ways it feels short. Time is just weird.

maya said...

Nicole--Thank you! (Although I have aged since then... but that's a good thing, right?)

Steph--Thank you! Yes--that is a reality check of how terrible things truly used to be. I knew a lot of straight couples who chose not to get married out of solidarity.


Nance--Thank you! Your drive comment made me laugh. I know you have Mr. Z, but I'm surprised that you don't live with a lot of dogs...

Engie--LOL. Ok, and thank you.

Jenny--Thank you. I like to think so too (about the judginess), but having to explain it can also be a bore. It's your silver anniversary next year... that's awesome!

nicoleandmaggie said...

Happy anniversary!

maya said...

Thank you!!

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