Monday, June 17, 2024

the time I need

My deadline was this past Sunday. I got an extension until Wednesday, because I wanted to spend a few more days fine-tuning things. When I asked for the extension, the editor good-naturedly said I should "take the time I need." I think about how they (could have but) did not say I should take "all the time I need." I'm using it as a kind of rubric--does the tweak I envision fit in the "time I need?" If it doesn't, I'm making a note and passing on it/passing it on. 

I lugged my laptop to the sports bar where Big A was watching the Dallas-Boston NBA game tonight. While there, he tried quite valiantly to tell me all the "subplots" and rivalries beyond the score. His description of someone looking like a cream cheese was very apt--I recognized them as soon as they showed up on screen. Anyway, the Celtics won, everyone was happy, and we're home.

(That's two sports-themed events in the space of a week... who am I these days?!)

Pic: Big A in this year's Father's Day tee. It's Star-Wars themed and has all the kids' names on it. Huck and Max just got a treat from the treat jar. 


Nicole said...

Not everyone was happy - the guys are cheering for Dallas in this house. Why? I have no idea. I had no idea anyone had preferences when it came to basketball. There is a very strong Oiler preference for the hockey game though.
I'd love to hear what you're writing!

StephLove said...

I'm wondering how someone could look like cream cheese? Very pale? Square-shouldered?

Nance said...

That really was a careful distinction--the time vs. all the time. Not knowing your editor, I'm not sure you can just blow past the second deadline. Maybe tweak as much as you can and see what they say/attach a note that says you still feel like this part could use some more work.

As far as your new Sporty Identity, I'm smiling in recognition. The former Nance would scarcely recognize this Nance, who knows so much about construction, football, basketball, and car repairs/modifications. Isn't it astonishing how much we cheerfully absorb for our loved ones, just so we can talk to and be more for them?

NGS said...

What a lovely description. I hope no one ever describes me as looking like cream cheese. *takes a closer look at the mirror*

maya said...

Nicole--Oof! I'm sorry the boyhouse was disappointed! When (if?) I'm done, I'll share with you, of course.

Steph--He was a pale guy and a bit shiny and solid looking. I'll have to find out his name.

Nance--That's exactly my feeling about the deadline. And... loved hearing you put the new Nance (and me) into words!


Engie--LOL. You don't meet the cream cheese criteria. But also it was not meant in a derogatory way.

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