Monday, December 18, 2023

up and down and around

Yesterday's party is put away. And I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the entire house. Do other people also clean the house after entertaining?  We used to have cleaners--sometimes twice a week--before we moved here. We're in a bigger house now but I'm the main cleaner. I feel we're going a bit in reverse here. 

Big A has been in Milwaukee for work for the past three days. I couldn't wait for him to get home... and then we promptly squabbled within the first half hour after he did. (All good now. I thought he was egging on Huck and Max who were playing fighting. I probably went too far when I brought up Michael Vick.)

Otherwise, a slow and quiet day. The all-day misty drizzle inspired me to make a big pot of soup. I'm so chuffed that Nu (the baking enthusiast extraordinaire) likes my cranberry-pistachio shortbread! I took a a long walk with L, a long soak by myself, and have all the cookies I can handle for dessert. 

Pic: These koi at the Radiology Gardens aren't coy. Haha.


Sarah said...

We also used to have twice a week cleaners in our smaller place. Our problem was that house was BRAND NEW, so it was really easy to clean. But now it is stuffed to the gills and 12 years old. Cleaners are on my 2024 to-do. LOL Michael Vick.

Nicole said...

PROBABLY Michael Vick was a bit too far, although that did make me laugh.
I also clean after parties - the house gets messy with festivities!

StephLove said...

My house is never clean all at one time, no matter what's about to happen/just happened. I do a little cleaning every day and give the kids chores, too, but by the time one room is clean, another one has gotten into a state.I think the problem is no one in our house is an immaculate housekeeper.

Gillian said...

Super photo.

Nance said...

Oh, boy--Michael Vick. That's harsh. And right after he'd been away, too. Yikes. But a terrific pop culture ref, anyway.

I put Professional Housecleaning Services on my Xmas list this year. I was only partly kidding.

NGS said...

I probably went too far when I brought up Michael Vick. LOLOLOLOL. Probably.

I have given up on cleaning. Someone else should do it. But I don't want to pay for it or have a stranger in my house, so I guess I better do it. We do a lot of cleaning after people leave our house because all the dishes and bathrooms need to be sanitized. LOL. Even with our very beloved friends.

maya said...

Everyone--I did go overboard with the Michael Vick thing, but I apologized... "prettily" as they say in the old timey books, and everything's ok now.

Sarah--I'm glad you're outsourcing some of the cleaning in 2024!

Nicole--exactly! And Like NGS, I love my guests, but feel everything needs to be sanitized after.

Gillian--thank you!

StephLove--I admire your restraint. I assign stuff too and then just do it all myself.

NGS--With you on all of this.

Nance--I hope you get your Christmas wish for a cleaning service. You deserve it!

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