Tuesday, November 07, 2023

in a sweet November

daylight savings time equals
the sky flying the colors 
of the trans flag

I do not even have to slog for 
its full throated support 
of possibility

instead I learn how to just be
how to just breathe
and conjugate joy

Pic: The sky at school bus drop-off yesterday. 


Sarah said...

conjugate joy-- love this!

Nance said...

Love the tone of this.

And how the last stanza's verbs mimic the in and out of breathing.

Nicole said...

Gorgeous. xo

Gillian said...

Terrific photo.

StephLove said...

Nice image of the flag. Will you think me terribly pedantic if I say it's the return to standard time that made it, though, not DST?

NGS said...

The colors of my graduate school (University of Minnesota) are maroon and gold and the landscapers decorate the campus with flowers in those colors and there are all these posters that say "even nature loves maroon and gold" (or at least these posters existed fifteen years ago). I feel like "nature loves trans people" could be a great slogan with this photo!

maya said...

Thank you, Sarah, Nicole, and Gillian!

Nance--Oh! I like that reading.

StephLove--Thank you so much for pointing that out :). I'm excited to rework the lines as "standard" goes with "flag" quite nicely.

NGS--Love, love love "nature loves trans people." I've used it in family chat already, and I plan to share it on the trans families support group too.

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