Wednesday, November 08, 2023

weekday blur

I didn't get to throw big parties for Big A's 50th or Nu's 16th or really celebrate puja or Halloween in October as I wanted to--so I decided on Sunday morning that we absolutely must have a big Diwali party this weekend. 

By Sunday night, invitations had gone out, favors had been ordered, and the menu was finalized. It helps that Diwali seems to have gone mainstream lately, so I was able to find cute things like Diwali-themed photo booth accessories and treat bags. I guess we're doing this :)!

Today was busier than most Wednesdays as the first-years were registering for next term and there were some emergency meetings and emails on top of my regular schedule. Thankfully, I did manage to snatch an hour for a walk, but at the end of the day, I was really frayed and tired. I did like finding out my "Gender and Popular Culture" course was oversubscribed and has a waiting list though.

Pic: Max's tail is a blur as is Big A's hand. I took this picture to document how Max sleeps on his back as though he's human; Huckie is wedged between my feet and the side of the couch in a slightly more normal way. Please excuse the strange blue cast to everything, the overhead lights are set on some setting called "under the sea" or something.


Sarah said...

Yay for a party!! Also YAY for a full class-- I always feel delightfully smug about this,

Nicole said...

Happy Diwali! And just in the nick of time, don't we all need a season of light? I'm so happy you can have a party but I WANT TO COME! And I didn't even get an invitation *huffs away*
I kid of course, but that sounds so fun. And yay for your oversubscribed class. I'm not surprised everyone wants to take it! I bet it's amazing.

StephLove said...

Have fun at your party. It sounds like you are in need of some celebration.

Gillian said...

Very nice.

NGS said...

Advising and registration season always leaves everyone feeling frazzles from students to faculty to staff to the janitor. LOL.

maya said...

Sarah--Smug is exactly the way to describe it!

Nicole--I'd LOVE for you to come! I can zoom you in?

StephLove, Gillian--thank you <3

NGS--and that's the truth!

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