Monday, November 06, 2023

a token

squirrels leap off falling branches
why not just be happy again
                 life is one thing and then another
                 building like a good paragraph
the world still tilts, I slide to you 
even as the last word is spoken 
Pic: At and I were in matching pants when we met up for Nu's play yesterday.


Sarah said...

that picture is DARLING

Nicole said...

Love the photo!

StephLove said...

I like the opening two lines (I guess it's not a couplet, since it doesn't rhyme, or is it?).

Cute picture.

NGS said...

Oh, red pants! I've been trying to find true red pants for years and I have not yet pulled it off. It's too pink or too maroon. This is such a fun photo!

Gillian said...

Fun photo.

maya said...

Thank you, Sarah; thank you, Nicole; thank you, Gillian!

StephLove--Thank you. And I like the first two lines best too--I just plodded along with the rest. I've cut another stanza now and think it reads a bit better.

NGS--Good luck on your search for red pants. I like mine a lot; At's are a bit too vermillion for me, actually.

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