Sunday, November 05, 2023

best clue

At and I went to the final showing of Nu's high school's production of Clue (Big A is working in MKE this weekend). 

I've never played the board game, and when Nu signed up to work on the crew, I tried to watch the movie, but... I fell asleep. I really did enjoy this production though--it was a tight 120 minutes, and there was so much dying and screaming I was very much awake.

I sent this picture of the cast and crew of Nu's HS Clue with the cast and crew of MSU's Clue to the family chat yesterday. At responded, "it was so funny to be zoomed in searching for Nu's face, finding Nu's face, and then looking down to see an outfit that would have helped me recognize them in a crowd way quicker." Haha. It's true--Nu is wearing one of their trademark skeleton shirts and that is certainly a very big clue and I had an experience identical to At's.

Pic: This picture of the MSU and HS Clue people was on a public school page, so I'm not blurring anyone out. Nu's in the last row.


Nicole said...

Oh how fun! I used to love playing Clue! I have never seen the movie or the play either, but I did always love that game. My son has a Seinfeld Clue game that somehow we have yet to play. Someday soon!

NGS said...

One of my high school friends has a daughter who is a freshman at MSU and she just did a play and for an instant I thought maybe it was Clue, but it was not. You better believe I scoured that photo for her, though. LOL. What a small world we live in.

The board game Clue is surprisingly fun if you don't have a person who cheats playing with you (my sister *ahem*).

StephLove said...

North's school put on Clue last fall. They were costumes manager. It's a fun show.

Gillian said...


maya said...

Nicole--I should see if the library has a copy of the game to lend--I should try it at least once, no?

NGS--A small world for sure! you're in a neighboring state, so it's not at all surprising! What if we randomly bumped into each other someday?!

StephLove--I was surprised by how fun it was! I should go back and read about North's costuming.

Gillian--Thank you!

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