Saturday, November 18, 2023

a pedestrian diagnosis

To keep this simple: Neither of my walking companions have been available recently--L has been away in Oregon all month long and Big A's work schedule is jam-packed. 

I haven't been getting out much without them, and both the lack of walks and companionship are doing a number on my brain.

I'm glad I figured that out... now to make the time to take myself out for regular walks.

Pic: I took a book and hung out on the banks of the Red Cedar today. It was such a mild and lovely day.


StephLove said...

I find walking very therapeutic, too.

Nicole said...

The daily walk is so important! I'm glad you've figured it out.

Gillian said...

Happy walking.

Nance said...

I love my semi-daily walks. Weather here plays a huge role in my schedule. But getting out there is so helpful, both emotionally and physically. I might procrastinate about going, but once I do, I'm always glad.

NGS said...

Thank goodness for Hannah. She keeps me in plenty of daily walks!

Sarah said...

I haven't walked all weekend because I am frantically busy, and I really, really miss it!

maya said...

Thanks for empathizing, everyone! It seems so basic, and it's something I've realized so many times over the years--but it's easy to forget in the thick of things.

StephLove--It is my most regular form of therapy too.

Nicole--so, SO important. I hope I'll remember this.

Nance--exactly! I've never yet taken a walk I regretted.

NGS--Yes, lucky you and lucky Hannah!

Sarah--That's the thing, it's difficult to do when time seems to be in short supply. I hope things calm down enough for you to walk again.

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