Sunday, November 19, 2023

falling back

my mother says the sun 
is always a prized guest
silken beams trailing 
like roots, tickling,
                          lighting up treasures--
                          leaves fallen-golden 
                          who in their turn lay 
                           sunlight in my path 
I can barely believe
how these hinged wings, 
like words, are forgiving- 
fervid, budding in mud 
                          into a fullness of flood
                          this near sunset of leaves
                          blood-red, vital--and yet 
                          leaving--so close to a fall 
Pic: I got TWO walks in! One up to the Red Cedar by myself. And another with LB and TB to Baker Woods. I'll be stuck at meetings and appointments all day tomorrow, so I'm glad I got an extra one in today.


Sarah said...


Nicole said...

Lovely poem and photo!

Gillian said...


Nance said...

Oh, yes. This time of year, especially here in NEO, the sun truly is a prized guest. What a perfect metaphor.

maya said...

Thank you, friends! <3
Nance--we're mid Mich, so it's similar here.

"praying for peace/living with love"

The world is so beautiful and the world is so terrifying. Over 17,000 people have been killed by bombs and gunfire in the past eight weeks.....