Tuesday, October 03, 2023


my voice scatters on the floor
my eyes want even more 
I'm still here... I think

the hours are many and small 
I crawl... to whichever hour 
will take all of me 

Pic: Almost time to say goodbye to this flower bed. 


Gillian said...

Pretty flowers.

Nicole said...

My friend, I do worry about you and your sleep (or, maybe lack of sleep?) I hope you have a (relatively) restful day. xo

NGS said...

Maybe you should take a nap?

StephLove said...

I'm with NGS.

maya said...

Thanks, Gillian!

Thanks, Nicole. I'm really not tired :). Perhaps this is my new normal? It's just that when 3 am comes around, and I'm not yet asleep, I feel anxious about not being asleep, and that is so counterproductive.

NGS and StephLove--but I'm not tired :D. ZZZZzzzzzzz

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