Monday, September 04, 2023

Ugh! Anyway! Onward!

Yesterday, as I packed my toiletries for this trip, I was congratulating myself on my foolproof method (a dedicated travel case with sample sizes, adding stuff like medication, foundation, etc. in as I used it the morning of travel). While getting ready for bed last night, I discovered that I didn't have a single tube of toothpaste or sunscreen or anything as I'd left the whole thing sitting on the bathroom counter.  Pride goeth before a fall, indeed. (I was able to borrow generic toothpaste and blindingly white sunscreen from the fairer-skinned members of my family.)

I got a very nice walk in the early dark with Huck and Max and some lovely pictures at sunrise this morning. Then I woke up Nu and Big A and we got showers and breakfasts and got on the ferry and then on the road before things got too crowded. 

I kept seeing puppies in the clouds on our way home--someone told me that when that happened it was Scout coming to visit... it was certainly a sky full of Scout and his friends today. It's my Boss Day, and Scout always got so excited when people sang the Boss Day song, so it seems apropos. 

When we made the reservations for this trip back in March, we expected to travel with Scout. When I had that t-shirt made with Scout and Huck's pictures on it for Big A last Christmas, little did I know we wouldn't have Scout with us for the next one... How unpredictable life is... it's no wonder I've been having more anxiety attacks lately. Ugh! Anyway! Onward! (I should embroider this somewhere as my motto.)

Pic: On the ferry back from Mackinac Island. I like this picture, because I can see Big A and Nu and me... and also Huck and Max on the floor and Scout's picture on the edge of Big A's t-shirt. (Also, I feel like a shiny insect in these sunglasses. And also, I cut my hair myself just before school started and think I did a good job.)


Nicole said...

I have so much to say.
First, ugh on the leaving your toiletries at home. So frustrating. I love a perfect packing job so I would be very annoyed at that.
Second, happy Boss Day! Scout was for sure there for that.
Third, I know what you mean about "the last" of anything. I wish we knew.
Fourth, that's a great photo even though you are hiding a little! You cut your own hair? I am so impressed (also, reminder, I need to find a hair salon here)

StephLove said...

Is Boss Day your family's invention? It's such a charming tradition.

Sarah said...

Boss Day= awesome
I am obsessed with the idea of the last normal day-- will think more about this.

NGS said...

Ha ha! I don't know if we've ever been on a trip where we didn't leave something vital somewhere - all the underwear left at home, all the toiletries in my FIL's house, or a memorable trip where I left a phone charger at a friend's house, drove three hours, bought a new phone charger, promptly left the new one in the hotel room, and then drove home phone charger-less.

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole :)! I wonder what we'd do if we knew something was the last time...
StephLove and Sarah--Yes, I invented Boss Day! (Basically monthly birthdays.)
NGS--I'm sorry I laughed as I read about the phone charger. That all sounds maddening and expensive. (And given how organized many facets of your life seem to be--kinda uncharacteristic!)

Gillian said...

Nice picture.

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