Sunday, September 03, 2023

"island in the sun"

Big A has biked over a hundred miles every day for the past four days, we're doing our part by waiting for him in at a resort on Mackinac Island.

A teensy labor day weekend vacation for us. We've sampled the requisite fudge and taffy, admired the gorgeous views, and smelled the horse poop (cars aren't allowed on the island, so horse-carriage taxis and drayage are the mode).

Vacations are good for everyone. I haven't seen Huck this excited and animated in a while; Max barfed in the car and is afraid of horses, boats, stairs, people who look at him the wrong way, etc. but enjoys each  adventure; Nu has dubbed this "horse-shit island" and has claimed they will never return here, but is full of jokes, confidences, and ideas. I owe an editor a bibliography, but I can find it tomorrow when we're back.

Pic: Lounging: A happy Huck, a mopsy Max, and a nonchalant Nu.


Nicole said...

Oh, a vacation on the famed Horse Shit Island!!
Actually it sounds really lovely, I'm so glad you have this time together. Also, biking 400+ miles is a lot of miles!

StephLove said...

Sounds like a fun getaway. That's a long bike ride.

maya said...

LOL, Nicole! It's very quaint and it also smells like fudge because every other storefront sells their "famous" version.

StephLove--Yes, I feel like we made the most of 24 hours away!

And yes--that is a lot of biking--I like exercise, but I can't imagine doing that to my body!

NGS said...

I don't think I've ever even noticed the smell of horse shit on Mackinac Island! It's such a beautiful place to visit and I'm jealous!!

Gillian said...

Nice picture.

maya said...

NGS--It is quaint and lovely. The teenager's voice was probably too much in my head.

Thanks, Gillian!

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