Saturday, September 09, 2023

game on

Saturday is chore day around here, so after I watered and tended to the zillion (rough estimate) indoor plants, vacuumed, put away laundry, and cleaned, Big A and I set off for what we thought would be a long, chatty walk. 

If we'd been the least bit interested in American football, we'd have known that MSU had a home game today. After a summer of basically having all of campus to ourselves, we were startled to see a football stadium's worth of people pouring out of every street and building. I mean, it's their campus, not ours--but it didn't stop us from feeling somewhat affronted. Ha. 

And then I decamped to go do things with friends. As Nu hugged me goodbye as I was leaving, they dolefully asked if they were having dinner without me again (I got home late after student activities yesterday too). I felt momentarily guilty, but Nu and Big A take any evening I'm gone as a mandate to order junk food they love, so I know they actually have a great time. 

I had a great time with two sets of girlfriends too. 

Pic: We're pretending to be mannequins because we were all dressed up and there was this empty storefront. It's too bad the glare ruined the concept a bit, but I still love how fabulous the voluminous salwar suit my aunt gave me when I was in India looks. 


Gillian said...

Funny photo.

StephLove said...

What a fun picture. I did think it was mannequins on first glance.

Nicole said...

Love the photo of you and your girlfriends! What a fun evening.
Even *I* knew about the MSU game! I have football fans in the house and I learn by osmosis.

maya said...

Thanks, Gillian, Steph, Nicole 😀

Nicole--Chuckling about how you knew about the game and I didn't!

NGS said...

I feel like if you live in a college town, you should have the game schedule up in your house, if only to know when the best time is to go to the grocery store.

Sarah said...

I love that picture SO MUCH!

maya said...

NGS--Yes! We absolutely should. Or we could pay attention to the signs and the radio reminders and whatnot.

Thanks, Sarah!

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