Friday, September 08, 2023

cool summer

Things I love RN:

* IYKYK: Current tube of mascara that's at the perfect level of sticky (not fresh-out-of-packaging watery or time-to-retire dry).

* FTW: Big bags of brussel sprouts--they're just mini cabbages, aren't they? They seem to never go moldy and that means I can find something fresh to slice into stir-fries or salads even the day before I absolutely need to grocery shop.

* JIC: This weird hack--lace undies about two sizes up. They look cool and are cooling--I loved post-partum mesh undies, and I love these. 

* TBH: The easy grading options on Canvas. I'm so current with grading right now. (And also so much love for my FYS students who are being real champs about transitioning to college.)

* FTW: Lavender oil--I'm using it for hands, face, hair, laundry, and bathroom counters. Also cookies.

* OMG: Officially, there're still two weeks of summer left!

Pic: Smores with students after the faculty meeting that went on until 5:30 today.


Nicole said...

Oooh lavender cookies!
All of this is so great and YES on the mascara. That's the magic week of mascara cycles. I love all of this but have never thought of buying panties two sizes up. Don't they bunch up?

StephLove said...

I've had lavender ice cream and tea, but never cookies.

maya said...

Nicole, I've probably already said too much about underpants, LOL. I think the fabric is elasticized all over, so they don't! I think the right size is very form-fitting and the larger size are just form- conforming.

Steph--I'd love to make you some!

Gillian said...

Good list.

NGS said...

Brussels sprouts are a big no from me. Ever. They are not good. I'll eat cabbage and coleslaw, but I'm not into Brussels sprouts and the only time I ever remember fighting with my parents over food was when I sat at the table for hours refusing to eat some. Boo to those tiny not cabbages! That is all. Thank you for letting me use your comment section to vent.

Sarah said...

I LOVE this post-- perfect format

maya said...

Noted, NGS. I will not serve you Brussels. LOL
Thanks, Sarah!

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