Thursday, September 07, 2023

my busy-ness

All my teaching days feel long this semester, so I'm going to stop thinking/saying that because it's not helpful. It is super helpful that Big A (and Nu) have dinner ready and the table set by the time I walk in through the door though. 💗

I'm grateful for the vacation weekend and a super busy social weekend coming up, but it does make everything feel a little more breathless and non stop. I'm going to prioritize some quiet and relaxation next week. (Promises, promises.)

I finally started giving people the gifts I brought them back from India and I feel like such a September Santa. And I finally washed the suitcase of clothes from my India trip. For the record, I returned nearly a month ago--but at least the backlog is getting addressed? Also: I'm all caught up with early grading and I managed to tuck in a walk with JG (and even VV who joined us halfway) into today--so yay me?

Pic: I'd planned to use a pic of Max post his first haircut today, but Maya proposes and Max disposes and all that--so instead, here's a picture of Max back from his latest "project" in the backyard.


Nicole said...

Hahahaha oh Max.
You've been so busy! I hope you CAN prioritize relaxation and quiet next week (but I know you so...)
I have a busy couple of weeks ahead - R is officially retiring (the news just came out so I can finally share it) and it's a whirlwind of activity! My parents are coming for a visit, then I'm going to Calgary for his retirement party, zoom zooming around! You had guessed the retirement, and I couldn't tell you because it was still hush-hush!

StephLove said...

It looks like he got up to some mischief.

I feel a little better now about the duffel bag full of clothes from the beach now. And they're even clean because I did laundry the last day we were there. I've just been taking things out of it as I need them.

Gillian said...

Cute dog.

maya said...

Nicole--that does sound like a lot of happy zooming around in the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy all of it!

Steph--Your clean laundry couldn't be more different from my dirty laundry from a month ago! Laundry is my domestic failing for sure.

Gillian--thank you!

Sarah said...

I have one reeeeaaaally long day and then some super short fragmented ones, and I just want something in between.

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