Saturday, August 26, 2023

out and about

A service day with my new first year seminar class; youth advocacy will be the focus of our semester-long project. We got started today by getting on a school bus for a tour of the public school district, which incorporates very different neighborhoods from regular homes to mansions to farms to trailers to condos to... anything you can think of.

I learned that some students ride the bus for two hours to get to school!

And I saw a handmade poster that asked "Are you an American or are you a Democrat?" I'll be musing on that one for a while. It was close to a cluster of houses displaying the confederate flag--make of that what you will, I guess.

Pic: Our school district superintendent and my FYS class on the school bus.


StephLove said...

What a disheartening poster. I wonder sometimes if we can ever become less polarized as a country, like is it actually possible at this point?

Gillian said...

Nice picture.

Nicole said...

I was thinking what Steph said. I feel like 20 years ago, people who voted differently could still be friends, but now it's just so awful.

maya said...

Thanks, Gillian.

StephLove and Nicole--yep, I despair along with you.

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