Friday, August 25, 2023


Woke up to see these two huge trees down. The backyard is about 75-100 feet in width and these trees are all of that and more. 

I was grateful that they seemed to have missed stuff that was important to me: my people, the house, the picnic table my parents gave us when the kids were small, the dogwood tree my friends gave me for a birthday, and so on. But the tree fall took the pink cherry blossom tree out, sadly. 

Other than that, no lasting damage, but it is terrifying to think what might have happened if the trees had fallen across the house. The trees are not ours--they belong to a neighboring church. I wrote the church's people again, urging them to get a tree survey and prune/cut as necessary before something horrific happens. 

Every day when I take Max out in the morning, I go by Scout's memorial and sound the wind chimes. I was blocked on both sides by these trees this morning, and couldn't reach Scout's memorial--that was when everything began to hit me.

Pic: Two trees lying across the backyard. I took this picture in the early morning light and from a second floor window, so the size and scale of the damage are a bit off.


StephLove said...

I'm sorry about the cherry tree. Is that the one where you take pictures with the kids every year? That is a significant loss, if not on the scale of injuries or damage to the house.

We had a car crash into our retaining wall and fence and take out a big, decades-old butterfly bush three years ago. I still miss it.

Gillian said...


Nicole said...

Oh yikes, that is awful. What a storm!!

NGS said...

Oof. I'm so sorry. We've been there and it's so sad to see big trees go down. I'm glad it didn't damage your house and that no one was hurt!

maya said...

StephLove--Yes, that one. I'm so sorry about your butterfly bush. But also a car crashing into your space is scary!

NGS--That's exactly what I keep telling myself. I feel very like chicken little right now.

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