Sunday, August 27, 2023

three-dog night

Yesterday--I think--was national dog day and my lovies didn't get their own post. 


The last time Big A and I cried about Scout was... today. One of us regularly comes up with stuff that then makes both of us cry. Today Big A wondered how long Scout had known he was sick and if he'd been in pain before we noticed. Yesterday I was remembering how Scout would entice Huck with a toy so she'd leave us and he could get all the pets. At and Nu seem so much better adjusted to Scout's absence.


I continue to be worried about Huck, who has not recovered from losing Scout either. Very worried. Huck was always such a princess and doted on by Scout who would groom her for hours (it was never reciprocal!). Our smart boy Scout was afraid of stairs, a bad catcher, and couldn't jump very high, and Huck used to take so much joy in routinely showing him up in each of those spheres. So Huck always took many of Scout's treats, bullied him about toys, and generally took him for granted... and now she misses him all the time. Sometimes I think she's asleep near me, but she's just staring into the distance and looks like the picture of depression. 


Max is so... Max! He looks more like Scout every day, but of course, he's not Scout and not at all like Scout. He's his own flopsy, mopsy, happy-go-lucky, Koolaid baby. He's got a goofy grin, loves everyone, is so easy going, eager to park himself on anyone sitting down, and just seems so cheerful all the time. He's learned to bark in the last month but still doesn't understand how to catch a treat. He'll just let it slide off him and then grab if off the floor. Huck plays with him, especially tug--and we know she's into it because when Max loses his grip on the tug toy, she'll sort of feed it back to him so they can tug again. But they rarely cuddle together. Max likes to torpedo into Huck who's smaller and older and and we're trying to teach him not to. School is coming up soon for this guy.

Pic: Max resting his puppy chin on my laptop, Huck looking back at us (sadly).


Nicole said...

Oh, sweet Huck. Dogs grieve just like we do, but it sounds like Huck and Max are bonding. It probably takes time, but that puppy will be healing for Huck -just as he is for you! xoxoxo

Gillian said...

Cute puppies.

NGS said...

Yay for a celebration of all dogs on International Dog Day! They bring such joy to our lives!

maya said...

Nicole--I really, really hope so!

Gillian-- Thanks :).

NGS--It's INTERnational Dog Day! Wow! I always learn something from you.

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