Friday, January 14, 2022

treasure (noun and verb)

Bookclub yesterday at JS's. Everyone took a rapid test before we headed over and it felt delightful to *see* everyone and catch up on news and nosh. 

We'd read The Lincoln Highway (which I didn't love) and as is my wont, I made a dish featured in the book--this time it was "Sally's Casserole," which was actually this although I, naturally, subbed Impossible meat for the beef. I had however, mentioned to L that I was thinking of making fettucine mio amore, another dish mentioned in the book, and L came up with the author's recipe! Then I spent way too much time going down the rabbit hole of other recipes based on mentions in books.

My most favorite part was the tour of JS's treasures from walks and hikes--pods and nests and dried flora (pic). I love how JS (a poet) finds treasure everywhere. Such a lovely evening and a memory to treasure in the months to come. 


Elisabeth said...

Treasures can be ANYWHERE!

Ugh. Sorry to hear you didn't love The Lincoln Highway. I read so little modern fiction and the two books on my list for the year - The Lincoln Highway and The Midnight Library have now had very mixed reviews of bloggers I follow. Sigh. I may try them anyway, but I was so disappointed in Rules of Civility after how much I loved A Gentleman in Moscow.

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a reader :)

maya said...

It's possible to love The Lincoln Highway--every person in bookclub (except for my dearest friend L and I) did! It looks like a tome, but it goes fast--I'll say that much for it :).

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