Saturday, January 15, 2022

Everybody likes to party

For a few hours it felt like the before times... 

While everyone was tested, masked, etc., this was still pretty risky. I'm glad I went because it was a very special moment for some very special people. 

I am, however, feeling a bit nervous about consequences. I had a headache later in the evening (probably because of WINE!!) and a tummyache too (cheesy food!) and I kept asking Big A if he thought I might have Covid. Let's see.


Elisabeth said...

"For a few hours it felt like the before times..."

Isn't this exactly what life feels like lately. Weird juxtapositions of things feeling "normal" for these brief flashes of time before we're jolted back to the reality that nothing is normal (testing, masks - these are new normals).

Sigh. We're all weary, but glad you found space and safety (relative!) to make this special occasion happen. I'm trying hard to carve out time with friends as I'm able because life has just all felt so heavy these last 6 months with things dragging on and on. It's not "normal" but fighting for those glimpses of it is always, always worth it.

maya said...

I hope you get some well deserved time with friends, Elisabeth! I'm always in awe of how civilized and orderly the Canadian response appears to be to mask mandates and lockdowns compared to here.

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