Tuesday, July 02, 2024

"Together Again"

A dear friend gave me tickets to the Janet Jackson "Together Again" show, so Big A and I went. It was a trip. (Also a trip: how much Janet Jackson there has been in my week!)

Oh, how I adored "That's the Way Love Goes" as a young 'un. It used to be a whole mood. And being at the show felt like being in the 1990s again. I could kinda see the crowd as the teenagers they were years ago. And though we're all very different (I lived on a completely different continent back then), the music gave us all a shared context.

Anyway--it was a terrific show: four costume changes, lots of medleys, updated lyrics and riffs, cool dancers... and the opening act was Nelly (he of the "It's Getting Hot in Heeeere" track so beloved by my mom)! 😂🤣

Pic: A pre-show ussie of me and Big A.


Sarah said...

How fun! I remember trying out for poms to Janet Jackson in 7th grade. What a great picture of you two.

Gillian said...


Nance said...

Terrific photo of you both. I've never heard the term "ussie" before. (Does that mean I'm hopelessly old?)

Thanks to you, I had a dream about being at a Janet Jackson show last night! She looked very old, and she was obviously lip syncing. I turned to the person next to me and said very snarkily, "She's not even singing."

(But I also had a dreamlet about Timothee Chalamet, and you hadn't written anything about him, so...why am I dreaming about celebs all of a sudden?)

Nicole said...

MAYA!!! You will NOT believe this but this morning I have been humming Together Again, and then I opened my reader and saw this! Are we connected or what???

StephLove said...

It's always fun to see live music. I looked up how much it would cost to see Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls (playing together!) and... we won't be doing that.

Jenny said...

Ha, I like your "ussie."
Seems like we're both taking a trip down memory lane this week- although reading this makes me realize how much older I am! I reminiscing about the 60s and 70s, ha ha...

maya said...

Sarah--Thanks! Ooh, I wonder which son... she's had so many bangers.


Nance--Thank you! (And no--it doesn't mean anything other than you probably did not watch the Ted Lasso series and didn't catch that particular affectation :D.) Also--Ms. Jackson DID seem to be lip-syncing sometimes! HOW DID YOU KNOW? You are prescient! Are you happy about your celebrity dreams? Disturbed?

Nicole--GET OUT!! (YES, we ARE twinned sometimes!) XOXO

Steph--That sounds like an amazing lineup... I'm sorry you're not going. I always enjoy hearing about all the live shows and events you have in TP!

Jenny--Thank you! I'm right on the cusp there too!

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