Wednesday, July 03, 2024

reading signs

if thoughts are flocks
would they be
of birds 
or sheep

when simplicity opens 
will I find it
an entrance
or interruption
Pic: A giant dragonfly perches on a lilypad. (At the two-o-clock mark.)


Nicole said...

I love dragonflies!
I think my thoughts are both birds and sheep.

Gillian said...


Nance said...

I love the questions in this poem. They seem subtle in a quick, casual read, but if one reads carefully and closely, they're so elegant and complex. The contrasts between birds and sheep, and entrance and an interruption are meaningful and actually quite large. They can seem similar, but in the context here are not. For a small poem, its intrinsic meaning is huge.

(The photo is beautiful. It's restful, but the dragonfly gives it a sprightliness.)

StephLove said...

I really like the first stanza. Cool picture, too.

Jenny said...

Love the poem! I'm thinking about it. My first thought is, birds!!! But then... sheep are so peaceful grazing in the fields... But then again- sheep are symbolically "followers." I think we need more bird thoughts right now.

Sarah said...


maya said...

Nicole--I concur! Both can move in beautiful formations...


Nance--Thank you again for this generous reading of the poem and pic. <3

Steph--Thanks so much!

Jenny--Thank you!! Birds can be "free" but also "flighty." Sheep can be "followers" but more visible on a landscape than birds... I don't know my own mind :)

Sarah--I like that. Sheep have that connection to wool, knitting, spinning, Fates...

NGS said...

We have so many dragonflies this year! It's crazy. And fun.

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