Sunday, July 07, 2024

the news... and nourishment

Heartbreaking news about Alice Munro... and tragically one reminiscent of the world she evoked in her fiction where children are betrayed and damaged by adults (plural!) who were supposed to care for and protect them. I hope Andrea Robin Skinner finds peace and experiences continued healing.


Unfathomably soul-crushing news from The Lancet (medical journal of record) warning that conservatively, "the true death toll in the Gaza genocide could be 186,000 or more." And that this "staggering figure amounts to 8 percent of the population of Gaza. A similar percentage of the US population would be 26 million people." I'm coping through a cocktail of hope (there has been an increase in public support for Gaza including from the French left--the surprise election winners), drugs (including OTC Ashwagandha), busy-ness (deadline after deadline), and the loving support of family and friends.

Pic: Some of my farmers' market haul from this weekend. I used the summer abundance for dinner today--ratatouille, which I served with focaccia (also from the market) and tzatziki. Our meal was already solidly Mediterranean, repping French, Italian, and Greek foods, so I cut up some Valencia oranges to add Spain to our dinner mix.


Elle Clancy said...

Glad I found your blog (thanks to Nance) but so sorry to read this about Alice Munro. I was literally shocked. I just can't believe someone who could write so eloquently about others' damage and sorrow could ignore her own child's horror.

Sarah said...

Lovely farmers market picture— terrible news all around. This is the world we live in right now—- such contrast, so many enclaves.

Nicole said...

Take care of yourself, friend. xo

Gillian said...

Take care.

Nance said...

I was shocked and dismayed by the revelation re: Alice Munro as well. It lends a chilling perspective to the writer's adage "Write what you know." Devastating.

It's a difficult time for everyone to find Balance. Being a concerned person and a good world citizen vs guarding your emotional/mental health is becoming a daily decision. The tension is palpable.

Your international meal sounds wonderful. Eating like that will help, too.

StephLove said...

That is truly devastating news, both on the individual and national level.

How is the Ashwagandha working for you? I write about it often, but I've never tried it.

Jenny said...

Yes, the news is sad- but your food looks so vibrant and hopeful! It seems like you're doing a good job of taking care of yourself, which is so important. You can't do good or help anyone else if you're falling apart.

Gillian said...

Nice. Share photos of your kitchen and fridge.

NGS said...

Okay, this reminded me of two things I've seen recently. One is the news about how DNA tests are revealing how much more common incest is than once was believed. And isn't that heartbreaking? Not only is there sexual assault and rape, but then you have to have your rapist's baby and (presumably) hide the truth about the father? The other one is the rise in the David Sipress cartoon that has been getting so much play recently.

That's all. The world is a challenging place to live in.

maya said...

Elle--Welcome. "Horror" is such a good term for it, sadly.

Sarah--It is such a difficult journey.

Nicole--You're probably the first person I thought of. XOXO


Nance--Your rule about kindness in the world (you said this months ago) helps me more than you know.
And truly--food is such an act of nurture!

Steph--That's interesting! I *think* I'm not spiraling as much as I used to. But also, I'm working more and am outside in the sunshine more... and cumulatively, feeling more in control.

Jenny--Thank you. I don't have that luxury (being able to fall apart) :). Food is literally a lifesaver for me.

Engie--Wow about the DNA. It reminds me of that study that said so many of Freud's clients had childhood sexual memories because of sexual assault. And sigh--that cartoon is so apt for our times. I've thought about using it for my picture of the day many, many times!

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