Saturday, June 22, 2024

Summer Solstice: Full of Pride

Early morning date with a sweet delicious baby-- DVA's grandkid was visiting, and I got to play and feed the baby as DVA got showered and dressed for the bridal shower they were going to. It was truly lovely. I'd forgotten the way babies make noises of contentment as they're on their bottles--their bodies calm, their fingers curling and uncurling in delight. So precious. All sustenance should be so enjoyable.

I hung out with my own babies for the rest of the day at the Pride festival. We started by the river where the feminist coalition and DSA had set up a radical reading library with zines, books, and community events under the banner "The first Pride was a protest." They had a lot of materials and quotes by queer Palestinians on hand-lettered posters. After we'd helped with repositioning their tent and tying down some of the posters (At knew them from DSA), we went over to the "rainbow capitalism" side, seeing more people we knew, getting freebies and treats and then stopped for cold drinks and pizza at the pub before heading home. At headed off to work, Nu headed back of to Pride with friends. They joked that they were so full of Pride.

Pic: BOL holding a polaroid of us at Pride today. BOL, Nu, At, and me.


Nance said...

Babies really are delicious. I spent the day with Theo on Friday, and I hope his head isn't entirely chapped now. He's 7 months old (!!) and his legs, feet, arms, and hands are in constant motion. So much learning going on!

What a lovely photo of you and your kids. They look so happy and serene. That's what love and support will do.

Nicole said...

Nu is so tall! I didn't realize they were so tall! Your baby, all grown!
I haven't spent any time around babies for a long while but ooooh they are just delicious, aren't they. I love those contented sounds and I feel like we should all be that way while eating.

StephLove said...

When Noah was a toddler and still nursing, he'd say "Happy!" when he finished.

maya said...

Nance--I can't believe Theo is seven months old! The little one I hung out with yesterday was around the same age. And thank you for your second comment as well--that's a good reminder of the essence of parenting. <3

Nicole--"We should all be that way"--I couldn't agree more. I hadan't had one-on-one time with a baby in a while. It also filled me with a sense of hope and possibility... a whole new universe!


Steph--OMG--That is just SO cute!! I'm going to add that to the list of cutenesses under the "patzi with fineapple."

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