Friday, June 21, 2024


I can be a gate
even birds with broken wings have visions
they see our world without lifting in flight

I can be a flame
every time my heart returns, I feel again 
how simple and honest it is, how not shy

I can be the magic
stirring in the song that may fracture the sky 
the calm violence in my implicit transformation 

I could be a god
sunk deep in sleep and remembering my life
baked merciful in stone and skin and sunlight
Pic: LB and TB got us all together for a picnic and a performance of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare" at MSU's Summer Circlemseries. I enjoyed the cross-dressed, campy Juliet misinterpreting Romeo's "call me but Love..." and calling him "butt love" way more than I should have.


Nicole said...

Oooh lovely poem Maya!

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole! Thank you, Gillian!

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