Sunday, April 21, 2024

the other one

I keep feeling like I'm missing something. Part of it is the usual anxiety of final grading and checking my sums a million times as I'm bad at numbers. 

But it's also a season of sadness and grief. I don't know how we've made it a whole year without Scout, whose anniversary is on Wednesday... 

The cherry tree blossomed and reminds me of organizing the family to take a picture every year. Last year's picture makes me sob

Last fall, a storm took out the pink cherry blossom tree, so it's like a note from the universe that things will never ever be the same again.

 Pic: White cherry blossoms against the sky. I miss our pink cherry blossom tree and the mix of pink and white across the sky.


StephLove said...

I'm sorry you are feeling sad about Scout and that you lost your pink cherry tree.

We have ivy, a lot of it, on one side of the house and both the pest control company and the insurance company want us to remove it and it's just breaking my heart because I love it.

GIllian said...

Feel better.

Nicole said...

It's a very sad anniversary. I know that feeling well.
The tree - how heartbreaking!

maya said...

Steph--thank you. I feel with you about the ivy; we've had similar advice from professionals about our myrtle. But I genuinely enjoy it, especially how green it is even in the winter.


Nicole--Thank you. XOXO

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