Wednesday, March 20, 2024

"Ting-Ting" / The Bee Sting / Spring things

Nu's much-loved lovey, Silky the Bee, used to go "buzz-buzz, ting-ting" back in the day. We still use Nu's toddler-ese "ting-ting" to refer to bee stings.

I've been chuckling over that while reading Paul Murray's The Bee Sting--a book both At and Big A gave me copies of at Christmas! (I've since returned the copy Big A gave me.) I was savoring this novel, frequently chortling out loud, as it was delightful in a Derry Girls kind of way... but things have taken a disquieting turn and the sexual violence is quite terrifying... I can't wait to be done now.

Pic: Huck and Max got a Spring haircut and look a bit strange. The bows on Huck's ears make it look like she has ponytails! Outside is somehow snow AND flowers.


Gillian said...


Nicole said...

Hahaha but they are SO cute! Whenever Rex (or Barkley, his changes were dramatic) get a haircut it's like they're a totally different dog!

Nance said...

I read a blurb about The Bee Sting and briefly considered it. I'll be waiting for your final review.

The pups look quite sophisticated now. I scarcely recognize them!

NGS said...

Look at those happy faces!! Smiling dogs are irresistible.

maya said...


Nicole--they do, don't they?!

Nance--I thought they looked ready for a job interview :). Also, 10/10 for The Bee Sting. (Despite the sexual violence over 20 pages or so of a 600 page novel.)

NGS--I'm holding a treat in my camera hand--it's a smile of anticipation :).

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