Saturday, March 16, 2024

polish and stories

Pic: The GFs got together for nail polish. (I'm the one bottom center with clear polish.) 

On the surface, everyone is okay. But as we talked, things about relationships, kids, jobs, coworkers, health, hopes, family, holidays, parents, and fears, kept coming up. And laughs. Plenty of laughs. 


Nance said...

What a great idea! Nail Polish Therapy.

(Can you think of anything analogous for men? Me either.)

Gillian said...


NGS said...

I listened to a speaker once who worked at a Vietnamese refugee camp. She said that after the first immediate needs of shelter, health, and food were taken care, however scantily, the next thing she did was to teach them to do nails. It was a skill they could take to another country and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, was about making human contact. Physical AND emotional contact through conversations that were frequently had over manicures and pedicures. It was so powerful.

Self-care is important.

maya said...

Nance--Can guys bond over haircuts and things? I hope so!

Engie--I liked hearing that! Doing things with friends is definitely self-care... Even teeth brushing on sleepovers used to seem special to me. lol

Sarah said...

love the mix of cosmetic and serious here-- very 4th wave :)

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