Wednesday, March 27, 2024

"I'm a weirdo/doofus/nerd/naif" (Part MXVIII)

I realized during my meditation this morning that my energy for contacting so many people yesterday (the "emotional labor" that Steph referenced) must be because of the ceasefire in Gaza making me feel like I could take a personal pause.

Also, I took Max to the vet for his one-year check; he was a champ. I was not a champ. The receptionist brightly asked if I'd brought Scout, and I immediately welled up like a doofus. And then she was so apologetic, I felt bad for her and worse overall. 

But I handily completed a paper proposal titled "Extra, Extra, Extra!: Improving Critical Connectivity in Higher Education" and am particularly chuffed by this: "In Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory, Patricia Hill Collins describes critical theory as critical in a triple sense: as offering critique, as essential, and as expository. In this paper, we similarly draw upon the triple use of the term “extra” to unpack the ways critical feminist practices may be viewed within Higher Education--namely as exceptional, as supplementary, and (in recent slang) as excessive."

Also, Nu's sleepover guests just arrived, and I love the giggly and infectious energy they've brought with them.


Pic: The Red Cedar from the new walking bridge. (Photo's from my walk this weekend. It's another grey and cloudy day here today, so it probably looks the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


Nicole said...

Aw, I remember getting an email from the pet resort where we used to board Barkley. "Barkley's due for vaccinations before his next visit!" I stared at it sadly, because of course, it was after.

Nance said...

Bless dear Scout. XO

Something always fills our emotional spaces, doesn't it? We are always At Capacity, as women, as mothers, as wives.

I don't know how We do it.

Kudos for your proposal using such a current, contemporary theme and vocabulary.

Gillian said...


StephLove said...

I'm sorry for the sad moment at the vet and hope the giggly sleepover helped balance it out.

NGS said...

Oh, man, what an awkward moment at the vet. I would think they have systems in place to avoid that sort of thing!

maya said...

Thank you, friends...

Aw, Nicole :/ I bet Barkley and Scout hang out all the time.

Nance--That's so on the nose. Yes!

Steph--Yes, I do think it did, yes.

Engie--I could see her putting in a note... so I guess it won't happen in the future. They're a busy practice, so it must be difficult to keep everything straight.

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