Monday, March 11, 2024

a private communion

I dream of tangerines
sweet with summer
how I will wait 

for the right moment  
to touch, peel them 
with reverence

their flesh like that
of a new beloved
still secret

our meeting--kisses 
sluicing nectarine 
in blessing 
Pic: Geese on the banks of the Red Cedar. I thought there was something very balletic about their pose...


Sarah said...

love the poem!

Personally dreading goose season-- the poop!

Gillian said...

Well done.

maya said...

Sarah--I feel our mallards and geese spent the winter here instead of migrating because it was fairly mild. (Yes, there's been a lot of poop.)


NGS said...

I was wondering what Sarah meant by "goose season" since they're in my town all year round and we live close to one another! So much poop everywhere! My dog just can't resist it.

We bought a giant bag of mandarin oranges from Costco the last time we went (they were good!) and it made me really excited for summer when I can get all the fruit I want!

maya said...

Engie--that's a mystery. Perhaps they stay in your town because of your river?

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