Saturday, February 10, 2024

seven on Saturday

1. Happy Lunar New Year! At a New Year celebration lunch this afternoon, EM told me we're supposed to rest today and do a minimal amount of work tomorrow. I can do that! 

2. The kids got little red envelopes of cash. I'm so touched when work friends and family friends treat my nearly grown-ass kids like their own niblings.

3. I got a nice ramble with L in Baker Woods today. It has been weeks since I hiked with L--She said she missed me, and I asked if it was my silliness she missed. "I missed all of it, Maya." She said diplomatically (and lovingly!). 

4. I got a long walk with Big A--it was grey and windy, but we did a "Super Sparty" and it felt nice to be able to stretch my legs after sitting at my desk all week.

5. At came to dinner tonight so I gave the kids their Valentine's Day presents a bit early. When will they be too old to get V-Day presents from me? I hope never.

6. In a first for us--we're now mooching off At. They subscribed to the Criterion Channel and logged us in on the big TV so we can watch it too. I like all of it.

7. Pic: The Red Cedar is kinda plain today. But the mallards are enjoying it and so are we.


Nance said...

Your kids will never be too old for you to do anything for or get them anything. I'm still buying them little things and making them favourite foods, and Jared and Sam are 39 and 36 with ladies and lives of their own. (And one with a child, too.) It's just not as often, at least not for me.

Isn't it wonderful how time out in Nature can reset us? Even when I don't really feel much like going, I set out on my walk, and I'm glad I went. Energizing and calming, somehow, at the same time.

StephLove said...

I probably should be resting, because shingles has really worn me out, but I'm thinking of working because between medical appointments (for North) and a trip to Rhode Island, I won't be getting much work done this coming week.

I'm glad you had a nice walk. Winter-gray landscapes can be pretty in their own austere way.

Nicole said...

Happy New Year! I kind of miss Calgary right now, as there was always someone celebrating it. It's so much less multicultural where I am, whomp whomp. As always, I am incredibly grateful to have raised my children in such a vibrantly multicultural city.
I almost thought of NOT baking Valentine's cookies this year, but the boys were aghast, so I'm glad they haven't outgrown that at least.

Gillian said...

Nice day.

NGS said...

Going outside really is the cure for so many things!

maya said...

Nance--Your relationship with your kids is what I want for myself. It sounds lovely. Yes--nature walks save my mood (and life) repeatedly.

Steph--I'm so sorry about you having Shingles. And I'm sorry that work pressure isn't allowing you to rest appropriately. (Excited for your RI trip!)

Nicole--I was thinking of you and your determinedly multicultural outlook when I started watching a (new to me) CBC show (it's called _Sort Of_ and I'm loving it). No one is too old for pretty cookies. I'm glad that's settled :).

Gillian-- Thanks!


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