Sunday, February 11, 2024

"easy like Sunday" (all day)

A quiet, restful day despite some other people's prescription-refill drama (Nu), leg cramp crisis (A), and general naughtiness (Huck and Max). I took care of what was needed and managed to make significant quiet times for myself.

I needed this so much!

Pic: Early morning hike with L and T in Baker Woods. Lots of trees have come down in the last couple of days--it has been very windy.


Nicole said...

A well-deserved, much needed day of rest for you! xo

NGS said...

I love a nice relaxed weekend day. I somehow always manage to fill mine with chores, but maybe if I write "relax today" on a to-do list, I can get it done.

Gillian said...

Good for you.

maya said...

It felt so good, Nicole!

Engie--that sounds sad, but I have had to do that sometimes. "What's it all for?" is a question I would ask myself before I decided to just sit for a while with a cup of tea or some music.

THanks, Gillian!

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