Thursday, February 29, 2024

Leap day: local, lowkey leisure

I woke up from a dream in which the kids and I were traveling with bestie KB... but then I got separated from them while lining up for an airport shuttle. I couldn't see them anymore, but I remember shouting over the crowd, "K, do you have my kids?" And she shouted back "yeah!" And then I felt calmer in the dream and as I woke up. I felt even calmer after I texted KB and asked her to check in on my kids if anything should happen to me. And she promised she would but added in characteristic KB fashion: "And FFS, Maya, please don’t die!!!" I'm not planning to!

I did a ton of work all morning from the moment Nu left for school. In the afternoon, I felt like a lady of leisure from a long time ago, or perhaps a lady of leisure in my future retirement. 

It was cold but sunshiny today, so I walked over to our local public radio station to help pack reading-literacy kits. It was repetitive assembly-line work and nicely freed up my head from extraneous thoughts--because you had to stay focused to get it right.

Then I walked home again with a nice long detour to finish the album I was listening to. 

I stopped by L's for a chat and to pick up the lemons I had asked to borrow from her... and then headed home for dinner with the fam.  

Sounds boring, but it was kind of blissful. 

Pic: Reading kit assembly station.


Nicole said...

It sounds like a wonderful afternoon (and kind of like my life, I feel like a lady of leisure these days!).
I know things are extra hard for you, with your big feelings and sensitive heart, so I am Care Bear Staring in your direction. xoxoxo

Gillian said...

Good luck.

Nance said...

Sounds like the kind of day you needed. Your dream is so telling. I'm glad you got your walk in; it sounds like you needed it.

NGS said...

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment in the morning, so I told people in my office I wasn't going to be in until 10 and then I ran errands after my appointment and I realized that my whole life could be like this if I didn't have a job. LOL.

Don't die! I think that's a fair request all of us can make of you.

StephLove said...

That does sound like a nice afternoon. I hope it was restorative.

maya said...

Nicole--Sending tons of love to you, friend. Your care and care-bear stares have been such a lifeline! XOXO

Gillian--Thank you!

Nance--That walk was lovely. (Also... nothing gets past you :). My dream/subconscious was a bit scary for me too.)

Engie--That's exactly it! It wasn't strictly leisure, but it felt so... expansive! (Also: have the feeling I'm in for a very long life. <3)

Steph--it felt really restorative. A perfect reset.

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