Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Hello, it is me I'm looking for

Today was mostly spent in what my dad would call a "funk." But I'm on my winter break and I'll funk if I want to.

I still managed to renew my Driver's License, arrange catering for a campus event next week, and finalize the speaker series for Women's History Month. 

I feel sad and helpless, and I told Big A that I was going to take my emergency prescription medication, but I didn't (I'm always "saving" it in case I have I bigger crisis). I drank a lot of tea instead, clung to him like a baby monkey, and then rallied to make up and make an amazing dinner (rice with arugula, five-color veggies + beans braised with miso, sesame oil, and nori). 

And then as a reward, I found birthday cards in the mail! They were such a sweet surprise and such a cheery pick-me-up.

Pic: Also immensely cheering, my fuzzy welcome committee. Max and Huck always pop up to say hello as I unlock the back door.


Nicole said...

Sorry you were in such a funk, but look at that fuzzy face! I only see one, though, maybe the other is hiding? I'm glad the day did turn around! xo

Nance said...

I think you're saving the Emergency Meds for the wrong reason. Take them when you need them. They're not diamonds or platinum. Aren't you worth the relief of feeling better?

I'm glad you did rally, but I hate that you put yourself through that perhaps needlessly.

*Love the photo!

Gillian said...

Be well.

NGS said...

Snail mail makes EVERYTHING better.

Also, this hoarding of medication reminds me of the people who don't use the fancy soap/lotion/makeup. USE IT!!

maya said...

Nicole--SUCH a fuzzy face! I love them! (Huck is in there, though not so much in the picture.)

Nance--You are right. I guess I go back to my doctor if I run out, right? I wonder if I feel self-conscious about that. (I know I shouldn't!)

Gillian--thank you.

Engie--Oooh! I don't believe in hoarding other good stuff, so this is exactly the thinking I need to use the damn meds.

StephLove said...

I agree with Nance about the emergency meds, but I get it. Beth is the same way about hers. I have to nudge her to take them when she needs them.

StephLove said...

p.s. Your house is gorgeous.

maya said...

Steph--Thank you... It helps to know other people have my hangups too. And I do love all the colors I cram in at home, thank you!

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