Monday, January 29, 2024

the sisterhood of the caring hearts

I turned in my CASA report today ahead of my deadline. (I feel like a true grownup for not waiting until the last minute.)  

The kids in this particular case are very young and also extra affectionate and it's truly a delight to be around them. I couldn't meet the kids during the day because we were hosting a campus visit for one of our Writing Center Director candidates, so I met the kids at their therapist's this evening. While I was getting an update from their therapist, the eight-year-old and then the five-year-old came up to tell us that we looked "just like sisters."

It made both of us chuckle because their therapist is a very white lady with short hair and we look nothing alike. And then the kids looked a bit confused we didn't agree. The only thing the therapist and I have in common is that we are both safe adults who show them love and care. I wonder if that made us look "just like sisters" to these little ones who don't have enough safe adults in their lives.

Then that thought depressed me for a while. Kids deserve so much more.

Pic: I was invited to jump this "Ninja" course. I don't think I got it right even after many patient demonstrations.


Nicole said...

Oh, my heart. Children deserve so much and I'm so sad when they do not have what they need. Thank goodness for people like you, and their therapist. xoxoxo

StephLove said...

You are very generous with your time and your heart.

Gillian said...

Good for you.

Nance said...

Perhaps they felt that way because of how the two of you worked together closely and got along well. Your common mission made you a sort of Bonded Pair in their eyes.

And yes, kids deserve so much more than they get from the poor hand many are dealt from neglectful/abusive parents and an overworked system. If only some people cared as much about them once they're here as they claim to before they're born.

NGS said...

What a tough job being a CASA advocate is. Big hugs to you for taking on such a hard position!

maya said...

Thank you, friends!

(I do it for myself as much as for the kids--it makes me feel like I'm trying my best to help out.)


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