Wednesday, January 17, 2024

buried in an obituary

            with MMN
keep your grip tight, I'm afraid 
of slipping away from life
a spectator, a specter

            It's because the days followed 
            us everywhere we went
            Right? Is that why?

I reach into my breast pocket
for a snack and I pull out 
a rib, a nipple, a heart

          I'll decorate this door on both 
          sides--you won't even know 
          if we're coming or going

Pic: Blue skies and a slight improvement on my back today. I'm a bit giddy with relief. 


Sarah said...

Oh that obituary.

This is lovely, and I am glad your back feels better.

Nicole said...

Beautiful photo, and I'm glad your back is better. xo

Nance said...

What a compelling woman your friend was. Her obituary is more than a tribute--it's almost a challenge to the reader to live more fully and be the change.

Your last stanza is poignant and beautiful. It refines and softens the one before it that feels shocking (but is necessary). The poem is urgent, yet the last sentence expresses some comfort and acceptance.

So glad your back is easing up. You must be doing the right things.

maya said...

My back isn't so good today, but yesterday was a very nice reminder that things can get better. Thank you, friends!

Nance--Yes about the obituary. It made me wish I'd had a chance to know her better.

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