Thursday, December 14, 2023


I know I can retell the stories 
until I get them right... 
            I may never get them right
            don't be afraid, maya
it's just... the sky is falling
my body is failing 
            there's room right about here 
            for a quiet chorus 
but I hear only stalled words
vowels leave, aiyo aiyo 
            like an ocean finding freedom
            deep inside me
and though disaster is far away
I'm right here, waiting 

Pic: I got some mall-style Winter Wonderland when I dropped off some stuff at the Fretail Store. (I'm so happy this store, which gives people the experience of shopping while giving away things for free, exists in Lansing.) Today was also a day I had to pick up Huck and Max from the groomers and then turn around to take Nu and myself to the dentist. This is what happens when I press pause on all non essential appointments in the final weeks of class. I guess I was tired; I fell asleep while the dentist and hygienist were still peering into my mouth.


Nicole said...

Maya! I have also fallen asleep at the dentist! I thought I was the only one! Well I really hope you can have a restful and restorative weekend. Can you? I hope so. xoxoxo
PS Fretail! I have never heard of that but what a gorgeous idea.

Gillian said...


StephLove said...

I hope you get some rest, too.

maya said...

Nicole--lol. Twinning!
Gillian--Thank you!
StephLove--me too :). Thank you!

Nance said...

maya--This poem is incredible! So quietly evocative, so huge in its calm emotion. It has an ancient tone to it, almost like the voice of an elder is speaking. Its cadence is so rhythmic, yet somehow urgent. I keep reading it and reading it. Please send this out. It's a triumph.

maya said...

Oh, Nance! Thank you. <3 I like it too. I will send it out, I will. ( I do want to retitle it and am waiting for inspiration there.)

Chiconky said...

Your writing often feels decadent to experience. Thank you. I love this one so much.

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