Monday, October 30, 2023

I am a chump-ian

1) It's seasonably cold now (in the 40s), and I asked Nu to wear a jacket to school. They refused, but consented to wear one on their walk to the bus stop to mollify me... IF I would take it from them when the bus arrived and took it back home with me. So that's what I did. They don't have time to go their locker in the morning, and a jacket is a pain to carry around all day. I get it. But also, I felt like a bit of a chump. 

2) I wondered why Big A and I haven't been hiking as much after his job moved back to Michigan... until he sat down and showed me on our calendar: he's working SO many more shifts (Michigan pays way less than Wisconsin). Between that, whatever it is that is making him sick and lose weight, and travel--there just hasn't been time to hike. I feel like a chump for not being able to figure this out by myself.

3) Nu was gone all day (for school and theater) and I let Huck and Max greet them when I brought them home at 8. Max (who loves Nu SO MUCH) got so excited, he couldn't contain himself and there was pee all over the place. Yup, I am a chump; he's still such a puppy, I should have known better!

Pic: Our street was surprisingly colorful although it was so dark when Nu headed for the school bus.


Sarah said...

I really like the title of this post-- it made me LOL. I hope you figure out what's going on with Big A soon, and I really miss excited dog pee-- Beatrix used to do that well into adulthood, and it was kind of charming. Like, she literally couldn't contain herself, and why can't people be so easy to understand?

Nicole said...

The title is perfect!
It's so funny how young people just refuse proper outerwear. Sheesh, I remember the things I used to wear as a teen in Calgary - no hat, thin gloves, coat unbuttoned. Now the slightest chill and I layer up!

StephLove said...

Nice colors of the sunrise. Noah used to wear his winter coat all day long at school so he wouldn't have to carry it. I understand the locker problem-- why don't they give them enough time to use them?-- but I was always afraid he was going to overheat. North's more prone to skipping the coat, also problematic.

I hope someone figures out what's wrong with Big A.

Gillian said...

Halloween photo.

NGS said...

That is a LOVELY sunrise. Good job noticing it and being able to capture it.

If it makes you feel better, I didn't wear a jacket in high school. Ever. And now I am the queen of outerwear.

maya said...

Sarah--I love that Beatrix story. How literal an outburst of affection!

StephLove--thank you for that perspective--I'm never warm enough, but yes--I guess overheating is an issue too.

Nicole and NGS--you give me hope that my baby will dress themselves for the weather... someday. 🙃

Gillian--It does kinda look spooky!

And thank you for the concern for A, everyone. The next specialist appt is over a month away... So we're just being more mindful about food and crossing our fingers in the meantime.

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