Sunday, October 29, 2023


Positive: Big A picked me up at the airport this morning and I am reunited with my people, puppies, and plants. I missed them! (The first day away was glorious though.) 

Negative: On Friday, I finally ID-ed why I was beginning to feel anxious in my hotel room--the last time I was at a conference (late March-early April), Scout had suddenly (or so it seemed) become very sick. The beige of hotel rooms will forever be a trigger to that horror.

Positive: I took a walk to say hello the river, and it looks like the new eastward bridge is open! I'm very excited for this. I'm saving this walk for when I can go with Big A or L.

Negative: Between being out of town on Big A's birthday weekend and this NWSA weekend, I've missed every Halloween gathering in our town--I should find a way to make class extra scary on Tuesday.

Pic: The bridge is open! The bridge is open!


Nicole said...

Oh, Maya, I totally get those triggers. They happen to me too! Sending a big hug.
Welcome home, I'm glad you had such a great time!

StephLove said...

Welcome home. Don't touch that bridge, Maya!

maya said...

Thank you, Nicole!
StephLove--I LOL-ed! Fancy you remembering that bit of spousal weirdness :)

Gillian said...


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