Thursday, October 05, 2023

and then there's hope

Five "I" glimmers today:

  1. I got my watch battery changed. My fancy watch is part of what I consider to be an essential component of my "academic drag" so I've been wearing it to work albeit with a dead battery for a couple of weeks now. Finding the 20 minutes to have it fixed has been making me feel accomplished every time I glance at my wrist today.
  2. I got in a 15-minute fitness class this morning. Fitness really falls away during term time and especially on teaching days. I have that Mirror doohickey so I have no excuses, but I always think to myself that I'll do a yoga/barre/pilates sesh after I get home from work--but that's always a fake out. If I don't exercise in the morning, I don't exercise for the day. So my 15-minutes of barre before I put on my work outfit today makes me (feel like) a champion. 
  3. I lucked out picking Ann Patchett's Tom Lake as my next book... It was the perfect comforting remise en bouche--almost sorbet like--after the heaviness of the Zadie Smith. I'm loving the Michigan setting and the easy family witticisms, the wise-wild reminder of exciting/turbulent lives lived pre-marriage and pre-kids...  And then the contentment and happiness Lara, the protagonist, feels in having the whole family sheltering in place under the same roof during the early pandemic matches my feelings about that time.
  4. I heard about the Jon Fosse Nobel for Literature and was disappointed because I really, really thought Rushdie or Ngũgĩ would win it this year... But I feel hopeful enough to think: ah well, there's always next year. 
  5. Pic: I'm not imagining the strange mashup of holidays that stores seem to be celebrating simultaneously these daysNGS mentioned this weirdness earlier this week, and seeing this bizarre sign in the window of a store ("Hallo-Thank-Xmas"--WHAT?!) is a clear indication that some corporate genius/jackass somewhere thinks this could be a selling idea. (Probably is?)


Mom of Children said...

Wow… Thank you for introducing me to the concept of glimmers. What an uplifting idea! The sign is everything, and so ridiculous. Home Depot is the worst offender- Christmas stuff in September! Ugh, just let me get through and enjoy Halloween! Lastly, I always enjoy that small feeling of accomplishment when I tie up a loose end (e.i. Watch battery). I had an empty picture frame (gifted) and been meaning to print R’s preschool picture for about three weeks. Yesterday, finally, it was ordered at Walgreens and now it’s no longer empty.

Gillian said...

Nice list.

Nicole said...

I LOVE GLIMMERS! I had kind of forgotten about them! How did that happen? Anyway!
1) Maya, how did you LIVE with a dead watch battery? Were you looking at your watch all day and seeing the wrong time? I look at my watch just reflectively and I think that would do me in. Except for the two times a day it was right, I guess.
2) You have the Mirror! Tell me more, please! I have seen so much about it but I think now that lulu and Peloton are in partnership they are going to merge the Mirror with Peloton? I want all the details!
3) I am so excited to read Tom Lake. It's on my hold list at the library but I might break down and buy it. Can't wait! Just finished The Magician's Assistant and it was great.
4) I didn't hear it, as usual, I am getting my news from you!
5) I know most people hate it, but I kind of love seeing all the weird holiday mashup!

StephLove said...

We are firmly in Halloween territory here, or trying to be. Right now Halloween is in boxes all over the porch, with just a fraction of it unpacked. We have no Thanksgiving decor, so there will be a little break after Halloween and before Christmas.

NGS said...

Yay for so many productive things - new watch battery! a workout in the morning! Meanwhile, I barely managed to get dressed and walk the dog.

maya said...

Mom Of Children--oh, that's lovely! Photos are so satisfying in frames, but I too procrastinate on getting them printed.

Gillian--Thank you!

Nicole--All the LOLs and love! My watch does nothing but tell time (so basic!). I think I've gotten used to checking time on the corner of my computer screen/the classroom clock/my phone etc. My watch was just part of my teaching "costume." You're thinking I'm ridiculous, and I am!
I got it back when it was "Mirror" and I love it and wish I used it more. Every kind of class I can think of... on demand! I can search for specific duration, intensity, instructors, etc. I would think your Peloton does the same?
You're the first person I know who likes the weird holiday mashup! I'll hold on to that the next time I'm in a store.

StephLove--Your Halloween sounds so much fun. I can't wait to see it all set up... Since you travel for Thanksgiving, the built-in break from seasonal decor sounds perfect. Halloween is only for a week at our place because the birthdays take up most of October.

NGS--Small wins are still wins, right? I'm sorry you're under so much stress lately. And I'm glad Hannah gets you out of the house. I was telling Big A a couple of hours ago that I feel Max (and having to take care of Max) saved me earlier this year.

Sarah said...

Academic drag! yep. And I am also a grown professional person who feels SO ACCOMPLISHED when I do little things like that. I think Zadie Smith makes me think too hard, and it turns out that is NOT what I am looking for most of the time. I saw a bunch of authors on IG talking about how they never heard of Jon Fosse before but they were still real writers, and it was just such an aggressively ignorant response-- I am still unsettled.

Sarah said...

I commented and it disappeared-- did it go through? I;ll never know. Stupid chromebook!

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