Monday, September 18, 2023


L told me they were building a bike and walking path along the river away from MSU and across from their house at the beginning of the summer. 

And I've loved watching the various little earthmovers and pavers work on this project for a while. 

It's been mostly done for a while now except for the bridge... and this week Big A and I noticed that they have a bridge ready to go. It looks like all they have to do is use that big red crane to position the bridge to span the river. 

Also: It occurred to me yesterday that not spending as much time with L as I usually do (our individual travel plans and illness patterns and work schedules have been bonkers) may also be impacting my sense of wellbeing...  L is the absolute best.

Pic: Construction on the east Red Cedar riverwalk project underway.


Nicole said...

There was a big overpass project near my house, years ago, and they had constructed the overpass to just be positioned by a crane. And guess what: the size of the overpass was incorrect! It was too short. They had to redo it. It was a huge mess and a good reminder to measure once, cut twice.

StephLove said...

When Noah was three there was a construction project on a small bridge a block from our house and we used to go and just sit on a neighbors' grass to watch the machines.

NGS said...

What a fun little project! Will you be able to make use of this path once it's completed?

maya said...

Nicole--Yikes! I've always heard that saying from the opposite direction: Measure twice, cut once.

Steph--I love the visual of you and Noah enjoying the machines. I did feel a bit like a toddler enamored of construction machines the way I watched this project... haha.

NGS--Yes :)! And that's the part I'm super excited about! I've never seen the Red Cedar River from that side.

Gillian said...


Nicole said...

Whoops, that's what I meant - measure twice, cut once! Lol! I'm travelling so not on my a-game right now!

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