Monday, August 14, 2023

the gloaming

I always think of the gloaming as a place (like a glen, a clearing in the glen, as in "they went into the gloaming and were lost") until I remember it's a time--it's just twilight, that strange gloomy time. 

Here's Max, my big goofball, my KoolAid guy, hanging out with me at the end of a long day when I went in to work and took meetings (office plants are watered and doing fine) and also weeded and trimmed in the secret garden. It looks lush now although the only color deer will consistently allow us are spikes, dragon's breath, and geraniums, there are some roses and white phlox in there too. 

I went into the plant section when I stopped for groceries earlier, and the attendant tipped me off to a giant sale coming next week. Will I be brave enough to replace some perennials then? We shall see. Also mums are in the store already and I'm not ready for that.

Pic: Max in the gloaming.


Sarah said...

I am ready for mums! And meetings! ALL of it

StephLove said...

I hate it when the deer get into our garden. Hasn't happened yet this year but I keep finding gates that should be closed open, so it may be a matter of time.

Gillian said...

Puppy still looks small.

Nicole said...

I don't understand the mums you plant them in fall?

NGS said...

The secret garden! Sometimes I wish for a secret garden and then realize that it would just be more yardwork. LOL.

maya said...

I did not expect to hear you say that, Sarah!

May your deer-free respite last the rest of the year, Steph.

I should get a picture of Max with Huckie--he's huge at least in comparison.

yes... I guess I think of them as Fall flowers.Y

NGS--LOL. Gardens will take all the time you can put into them, right? Mine is very bare bones and low maintenance. Someday...


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