Tuesday, August 15, 2023

so it's like that

India's Independence Day! 

This afternoon, after working diligently on syllabuses and stuff, I took a second SUV-load of stuff to the donation center--all the stuff from Big A's Milwaukee apartment. I hope someone else enjoys the nice toaster and placemats and towels and sheets and Apple TV stuff. Big A started his Michigan job while we were in India, and I'm so glad for us to be under the same roof now. And to be able to give away this stuff that was sitting in the garage.

I made a big pot of soup with turmeric, ginger, garlic, and tons of veggies because I wasn't feeling so good. In fact, I felt like I had when I was sick last week. Big A who had been incredulous that no one had given us a Covid test, gave me one... and... that MF-er lit right up. 

So we had Covid and gave it to other people. I feel so gross about that. We've been masking everywhere, since we got sick, so hopefully we've been able to limit the spread. I don't feel too sick, but I've been too upset about my public health fail to work. Have been watching Made in Heaven, my mom recommended it after we saw an ad for it on a billboard on our way to the airport.

And the Crumbl cookies I picked up because I was on that side of town gave Nu an allergic reaction. Whomp, whomp. Not a complete winner of a day, for sure. 


StephLove said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling under the weather. It's pretty hard to avoid covid. Three out of four of us have had it and I felt like we'd dodged it a long time when we got it last November. North had it first and they are (still) super diligent about masking, more than any of the rest of us.

Gillian said...

Get well soon.

Mom of Children said...

I get weird pleasure from giving away stuff.

Sarah said...

oh nooooooooooooooo. oops. I just read a really helpful series of IG slides from a pediatrician I follow who was like my dudes, no one is testing anymore; we are all going to be exposed this "allergy" season, and it's ok because most of us have immunity levels and also there are things we can do, etc. (She still masks her kids in some places but not in school, travels freely, etc, and has been a reasonable expert I have followed since the beginning of the panny)). I think the public health fail is not the same any more, and I am glad you are feeling mostly ok-ish.

maya said...

As I texted one of my dearest friends, I felt *ashamed* about the Covid. SO weird--must be all the conditioning of the past three years. So thank you so much for helping to normalize it for me, StephLove and Sarah!

Agree, Mom of Children--it was such a relief!

Thanks, Gillian!

Nicole said...

Just catching up - I'm so sorry you had Covid and I'm sorry you're feeling shame about it. But honestly, it can't be helped now and also, I think it's pretty much impossible to avoid, like Steph said. We all had it in 2022 despite boosters, masks, everything else, so *shrug* I think this is just a thing that we live with now, you know? I hope you are feeling better. xo

NGS said...

We all need to get over shame over illness! We get sick! As long as you get better, it's okay. (I feel like there's shame over COVID, shame over mental illness, etc. It's just so upsetting that there are "acceptable" illnesses and other people get judged for?)

Anyway, I hope everyone in your house is feeling better and you were able to get the rest you need to get back to 100%!

maya said...

Thanks Nicole and NGS.
Almost all better, but weirdly felt better yesterday... I guess recovery is not always linear.

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