Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Ok, half-full

If yesterday was being amused about colleagues coaxing me to eat more food, today was indignation.

If yesterday was perfect picnic weather, today was the sudden rain right as we had to move to another building.

If yesterday was the magic of shaving seven minutes off the commute, today was the delay brought on by tens of thousands of MSU students moving into the dorms across our house.

If yesterday was the euphoria of seeing my people, today was the reality of budget cuts, missing colleagues, metrics of the market, defunding of programs, polarization of higher ed, marginalization of the humanities, potential terminations, and so many new people hired as adjuncts. StephLove was right to remind me in the comments yesterday.

I'm on the Educational Policy Committee and just got elected to the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee. Let's see what I can do to make this a place that works for students and makes my colleagues want to stay. Once more into the fray to do the best I can.

Pic: MSU flower bed from last week. I haven't hiked or walked in days.


Sarah said...

Move-in weekend around here is definitely in the minus column.

maya said...

StephLove--you did not! I wasn't looking at the bigger picture at all and I so appreciate your alertness.

NGS said...

Have you seen all the budget cuts in the University of Wisconsin system? My husband and I are definitely biting our nails. We should all go into health care because it seems like that's the only growing industry left.

Nicole said...

Woof, that's a lot Maya!
My son's early move in and orientation week got CANCELLED! Due to the fires (although situation is improving rapidly). But still, now we have to move in with all the other thousands of students, plus he only gets an orientation day...but well, what can you do, I guess.

maya said...

NGS--I'm sorry about the anxiety you're experiencing. It's everywhere, but I know that doesn't help. Healthcare seems "recession proof," but corporations are messing with it all the time, removing protections for caregivers and patients alike. And if someone (like Big A) without a lot of family money goes into healthcare and takes out student loans, they're basically handcuffed to paying it off forever.

Nicole--I know this move was so carefully planned, so it must suck extra to have the flow upended. He's going to be awesome nevertheless, you know this.

Gillian said...

Good luck.


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