Saturday, June 03, 2023

Max week

It has been a week of/with/at Max. 

I'm so relieved Huck and Max seem to be getting along better. They're not cuddling together (yet), but they play (fight) quite nicely and they really bonded over their mutual panic this morning when I vacuumed the whole house.

Speaking of which, I had to go into Nu's room with a handful of plastic bags and a stack of laundry baskets just to be able to see their floor... I'm not exaggerating, and I'm genuinely worried about this child's ability to live on their own in a couple of years without hoarder-level dysfunction. (Finals week is coming up for Nu, and the stress has seemingly wrought havoc on them.)

Long conversations with sis and mom this morning, while the rest of the fam was asleep, about our India visit in August. One of the things we were discussing excitedly was if we should drive or take the train on some internal trips. And then friends began to text to check in because of the horrific train crash in northern India. It doesn't seem like anyone I knew was on either passenger train, but the huge death and injury tolls are sad and terrifying.

Pic: Huck and Max sharing (the path) by Scout's memorial. 


Gillian said...

Terrible train accident.

Nicole said...

Oh my, that train accident is so horrific. How awful.
Also, Nu, no! Seeing the floor is a good thing!
I laughed out loud at this: "they really bonded over their mutual panic this morning when I vacuumed the whole house." I try to run the roomba when I take Rex for a walk but sometimes I forget and it's sadly funny to see him move from room to room to get away from the relentless mean scary vacuum!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness-- what a terrible accident and a poorly timed conversation. Or maybe a really well timed conversation?

maya said...

Gillian--The train accident is terrible.
Nicole--I should run the Roomba more! I'm such a control freak, I have to do everything myself.
Sarah--It was very sobering, for sure.

StephLove said...

The floor of North's room is only intermittently visible. You are not alone.

Matthew didn't care for the vacuum, but Xander was so chill about it, you'd have to nudge him with it to get him to move off the living room rug. Noah, as a toddler, was so terrified of it you couldn't even open the door of the closet where we kept it if he was in the room, which was inconvenient because we had other stuff in there.

That was horrible accident.

NGS said...

Why are dogs so scared of vacuums? Why? Why is Huck teaching Max that it's scary? Be BRAVER, HUCK!

maya said...

NGS-Ha! I read your comment to Huck in my best canine whisperer voice. I'll report back next week!

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