Sunday, June 04, 2023


I feel bad because I broke my shopping ban and did some online shopping last week. (1) I got suckered into the Loft sale and got a couple of things I DO NOT need. Better a Loft spree than an Anthro spree, I suppose. (2) However, no regrets on the 12-dollar sunnies I ordered for vacation, they showed up, and they're awesome. (3) I'm going to keep Craft and Conscience by my friend Kavita Das, which I ordered for At, a bit longer to myself as it seems like something I could use for a class. (4) The hammocks I ordered didn't fit our stands, so I washed the old ones and put them back on (this is what I should have done in the first place).

Otherwise, I had a lovely Boss Day...I made a risotto with feta and veggies for dinner with At, Nu, and Big A and then a cuddle/watch fest of a new season of I Think You Should Leave. 

Pic: Huck and Max get a little closer...


StephLove said...

What's the nature of your shopping ban? How long, what kinds of things?

Sarah said...

I can’t resist a LOFT sale— the just GIVE those clothes away.

Nicole said...

Are you on a shopping ban? I didn't know that! I once did a one-year shopping ban and whoa, it was hard. But also, I learned a lot about myself!
Happy Boss Day to you! The risotto sounds lovely!

maya said...

Nicole--I got the idea of a shopping ban from your post, actually!

I probably need a ban as long as I live, probably. I am entirely way too charmed by random things that look like elephants and birds and am running out of... no; HAVE run out of space.

StephLove, Right now, the ban is only necessities and things for other people are ok, but I do not need more things... and I DO NOT need more clothes. My spirit is weak.

Sarah, right?!?! I did think the discount was going to be higher though, so there was some sticker shock this time.

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